Message from ICE

Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE, UK) supports engineers throughout their engineering careers worldwide and it is the oldest Engineering Institution in the world. Hence, ICE is supporting the Nepal Engineering Council (NEC), Professional Engineers of Nepal (PEng.) for its development & growth to be well qualified and recognized worldwide. Hence, Professional Engineers can help other people to see the commitment of continuous learning, development and bearing the high standards of Professional Engineering Ethics & Integrity.


In this vision, it is pretty urgent that our country, Nepal, can produce many qualified Professional Engineers who can serve the country with their professional engineering skill and can become a role model for the development of the nation. It is a great pride for us that the Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) has its firm guidelines for the attributes of the Professional Engineers who will be awarded this prestigious PEng Title, Nepal. Hence it is aimed that Professional Engineers must be able to support the engineering development of Nepal and take the pressure in their head for the engineering challenges of the nation. We wish that the Professional Engineer would be the leader and the excellency in their engineering profession.


It is our great honour that recently we were able to develop a mutual cooperation between ICE, UK and Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) and had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between these two institutions. We trust that with this mutual cooperation between two institutions, NEC can obtain enormous qualification support to progress further with the Professional Engineers standards and be well recognized around the world.