Message From Chairman
Education has acculturating role to play refining sensitivities and perception that contribute to a scientific temper and independence of mind. Further, it has to develop manpower for different levels of economy and thus provide one of the major inputs to the national effort for self-reliance and improvement of the quality of life.

Developments in communications, travel and trade over decades have produced a global network of ideas, institutions and economies. Engineering practice and its related technologies have become global in scope and scale. To be effective, today’s engineering graduate must not only be grounded in scientific and mathematical fundamentals, engineering principals and design but must also have a global outlook and the broader skills to work in society in both home country and internationally. Engineering education is thus challenged to prepare a technically competent graduate. Ideally, engineering education programs attempt to lead engineering practice due to their role of preparing future engineers.

Nepal Engineering Council, as per its Act, is vested with statutory authority for planning, formulation of Norms and standards, monitoring and evaluation and ensuring coordinated and integrated development of Engineering education, Engineering profession within the country.

I, genuinely hope, that with the cooperation of all the concerned agencies, we will be able to develop and maintain a bench mark that will help to set quality of engineering education.


Er.Dilli Raman Niraula, PEng (Nepal)

B.E. Civil (India)

M.Sc. in Highway Engg. (UK),

NEC Reg. No. 2639 (Civil)