Message From Chairman

It’s my great pleasure to convey Greetings to all engineers and stakeholders in the engineering profession. On behalf of the Nepal Engineering Council (NEC), I want to express our appreciation for your dedication and contributions to advancing society through designing, creating, and improving systems, processes, and products by considering safety, sustainability, and economic growth. The engineering profession is critical to our collective future, and we are committed to supporting the nation through better education, training, regulation, and advocacy.

NEC has been established by the Nepal Engineering Council Act, 1999 with the provision of making the engineering profession effective and mobilizing it in a systematic and scientific manner as well as registering the names of engineers as per their qualifications. Furthermore, NEC has the responsibility of regulating Engineering Educational Institutions within the country.

NEC has already registered more than seventy-seven thousand Engineers. It has the provision of awarding the title of ‘Professional Engineer’ since 2018. The total number of awardees of this title is 61 engineers.

An engineer’s commitment to accept the professional code of conduct shall be taken as the core of the integrity and professionalism of the engineering community. Nepal Engineering Council is proud to serve as your representative and looks forward to working with you to promote the engineering profession and ensure its continued excellence.  x