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  • 2017-06-16

    The NEC are pleased to announce that they are currently in “Phase 0: Preparation” of the Launch Strategy and will soon be inviting the first batch of applicants to apply through Route A: Senior Experience Route.  A Call for Support from IEA qualified engineers working in Nepal has been sent out to establish a roster of Professional Engineers to conduct the first round of Professional Reviews. 

Events Schedule

Event Planned Date Time
Open applications for first batch Senior Experience Route Reviews Mid-July 2017
Training for Reviewers Mid-August 2017
Review Interviews (first batch) Late-August 2017
Official PEng (Nepal) Launch Event After Tihar October 2017

Latest Notice

Welcome to the Professional Engineer Information Page. This page provides all necessary background information, guidelines, forms and templates for engineers wishing to become or to renew their Professional Engineer title.

Professional Engineer Information
S.N. Title Download
1 NEC Code of Conduct
2 NEC Code of Conduct(Nepali version Aachar Samhita)
3 NEC Rules Concerning Registration of Professional Engineers 2072 (First Amendment 2076)) (Nepali version)
4 Registration for Title of Professional Engineer, PEng (Nepal): Guidelines for Applicants (First Amendment 2020)
5 Application Form for Title of Professional Engineer
6 Standard Format for Curriculum Vitae (CV)
7 Development Objectives (DO) Record
8 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Record
9 PEng Phased Launch, Overview of Phase 1 Launch
10 Registration for Title of Professional Engineer, PEng (Nepal): Launch Strategy
11 NEC Notice: Call for Support from Engineers with a Professional Title Recognised by the International Engineering Alliance (IEA)
12 Submission Form for Engineers to support the Launch of Professional Engineer Title in Nepal
13 Information for Reviewers
14 Notice About Registration Fee for Professional Engineers
15 Professional Review Guidance
16 Notice (Call for Applications for Senior Experience Route Applicants for PEng (Nepal) Title)